New Hampshire State Law

A cord of wood is legally defined as 128 cubic feet of wood stacked in parallel – not with the firewood criss-crossed at the ends of pile to help with stability of the stack, which takes up more volume.
To New Hampshire State Law, it means that the “pieces of wood are placed in a line or row, with individuFireplace and Stove Wood.
Definition—The term “cord” when used in connection with wood intended for fuel purposes shall mean the amount of wood that is contained in a space of 128 cubic feet when the wood is ranked and well stowed. “Ranked and well stowed” shall be construed to mean that pieces of wood are placed in a line or row, with individual pieces touching and parallel to each other, and stacked in a compact manner.
Fireplace and stovewood shall be advertised, offered for sale, and sold only by measure, using the term “cord” and fractional parts of a cord, or cubic meter.
Packaged Natural Wood (Bundled) Natural wood offered for sale in packaged form in quantities less than 1/8 cord or 16 cubic feet shall display the quantity in terms of cubic feet, to include fractions of cubic feet (e.g., .75 cubic feet.)
The above informations was obtained from New Hampshires Department of Weights and Measure.
Terms like “face cord” or “pallet load” have no legal status, although partial cords do, such as “half cord” or “quarter cord.”
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The State division of Wieghts and Mesaurements takes the short measurement of firewood sales very seriously. Address complaints about firewood vendors to:

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