Doing so can result in the spread of invasive insects specifically the Emerald Ash Borer. Many states already have this regulation in effect and there can be serious penalties and in some cases jail time. Please help us save our resources by buying firewood local to your campground or your home.

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In order to provide our customers who may have little knowledge, no idea, or think they are being cheated out of their cord wood, bythecord.net has been created. The hope is that we get reputable cord wood businesses to join that would like to see their customers have a place to go in order to ensure they are not getting cheated out of firewood.


In the recent years; because of the economy there are too many people that have a pickup and chainsaw that are selling wood by the pickup load or cord yet undercutting every person selling cord wood because of their low operating costs. They do not pay for the proper license in which makes it leagal for them to sell firewood or the insurance required to cut firewood for commercial sale. Yes this wood maybe cheaper, however, they are not following the laws set in place in order to protect people and there purchase. These people are not licensed and insured, and are not properly trained in how to manage the forest. They merely are cutting down trees and into firewood length. Without proper regulation and education they may damage the Wetlands, and damage the growth of the forest. Not to mention the possiblility of burning down your house because of unporperly dried softwood that may be thrown in from the lack of knowledge of different types of wood and what they look like.

This websites intent is to be a place that people can come to find a License and Insured businesses that have the proper permits to be able to harvest cord wood from the forests specifically in The North East. The intent will be to futher our reach once we are established and be a one stop site for any and all infromation involving cordwood/firewood and the repuitable businesses that sell cordwood. If you are in another area and happen to come upon our site you can Contact us and you will be considered for placement on the Cordwood page. The Cordwood page will act as a reference of reputiable businesses that people can trust to get the right amount of wood, and keep the forests healthy.

Tips on drying firewood

Please be advised depcited in this video there is a criss cross stack, the purpose of this is for better circulation for drying wood. Firewood should not be measured in this manor. Please see the A-Cord page for more information.